Advices from Doros Motorcycles

Tyre Air Pressure Make sure that you always check that your motorcycle has the right amount of air pressure so you are safe and you do not have extra fuel consumption
Oil Change Always make sure that you change your motorcycle's oil at the right milage as adviced from your mechanic. Not replacing your oil at the proper period it could result to destroy your engine.















E-TON Viper RXL 90R

Motorcycle information

CCs: 90
ΚΙΝΗΤΗΡΑΣ: Τετράχρονος
ΤΡΟΦΟΔΟΣΙΑ: καρμπυρατέρ
ΙΣΧΥΣ: 24Hp/7500 rpm
ΡΟΠΗ: 2.5kg-m/5500 rpm
ΨΥΞΗ: αερόψυκτη
ΒΑΡΟΣ: 190kg

e-TON VIPER RXL 90R With a focus on safety and a sleek stylish design these VIPERS are going to be sure winners who are looking for something special in a quad! The range has been designed with every attention to detail. A high quality 8-piece plastic fender system enables 2-tone colour options and also reduces replacement fender costs.

Probably the best and safest 50cc quad.